“I learned more today than in all the other leadership and assertiveness courses I have taken in the past.”
“This is the best seminar I have attended in a long time! Loved it! I’ll attend whatever Cal can come up with! He is really on the cutting edge of office/employment/workplace environment.”
“Engaging speaker with a very good message. Great teacher. Session was thought-provoking and offered tools to use in a work environment. Please bring him back!”
“Every workshop should be like this—somewhat interactive, but filled with pertinent information, including strategies, scenarios, real-life experiences and examples.”
“Wonderful material—great handouts—by far the best presentation at this conference.”
“Excellent subject matter. Clear description of the process. Very engaging delivery and connection to the audience. Balanced approach to keep attention in sync with the workbook and personal interactions.”
“It was really great! I would attend anything he talks about.”
“It was wonderful! Handouts-tools-dialog. Let this guy speak again…he’s wonderful.”
“As usual, great presentation, Cal. I needed to hear this information. I hope to be able to resolve an issue from two years ago. You have a masterful skill for facilitating learning and discussion.”
“Cal really knows this workplace and makes his presentation applicable to us. His sense of humor and great tips are invaluable. I would definitely recommend he be brought back in consecutive years.”
“One of the best two hours I have spent in months or years. Thank you!”
“Dr. LeMon is a wonderful resource who leaves the audience feeling respected, energized and better equipped than when they arrived. Thank you!”
“Excellent—engaging! As a delegate, I was reluctant to come to this session, but am I glad I did! Cal is a great speaker and really had thought-provoking ideas. The best speaker I have heard in any leadership workshop I have ever attended.”
“Cal LeMon was just on the mark and provided the boost, knowledge and approach we needed.”
“Dr. Cal…fabulous! Thank you for offering excerpts and quotes from industry experts as a way to back up your positions and perspectives.”
“Cal is honestly the best speaker I have ever heard. He is clear, concise and all of his information is useful and interesting. Great job!”
“I like the way things are going, time permitting I think it would be extremely beneficial to have a half day session with Cal and all the coaches in which we could hear best practices and make sure we are all running the most effective coaching sessions possible.”
“I have been exposed to a great deal of this type of information but it is still very important to continue to grow. And there is no substitute for hearing it from a professional like Cal.”
“The management vs. leadership workshop with Cal was excellent. It was one of the best sessions I have every attended and I have been to quite a few. His delivery/style is second to none.”
“Cal LeMon provided a much clearer picture of addressing empowerment, personality types and how to move forward in such a challenging environment. Cal did a fabulous job of speaking to and understanding our business.”
“Keep Cal’s program forever. It is very helpful.”
“On behalf of the ITCUA Board of Directors, members and staff, we want to thank you for a very successful Strategic Summit. You helped us achieve our goal of providing our members with an outstanding educational experience. Out of a possible score of 4, your session received a 3.8.”
“Thanks for the professional, informative and enjoyable program you shared with my group last week. I can now confirm, via my one-on-ones, the perceived value and impact of your program. Our subsequent meetings have confirmed the outstanding ratings provided at the end of the meeting. This continuity does not happen often in my group.”
-Vistage Chairperson
“Individual comments have been very positive. We feel you have raised the professional bar at our newspaper and shown us how to get there. This is definitely one training program that does not end the minute you walk out the door. In fact, departments have started their own initiatives to build on the Good to Great concepts you shared with us.”

-HR Director, Gannett Newspapers

“The response to your presentation by our members has been wonderful, and I feel that you truly gave all of us some very useful tools to work with in the day-to-day world of our demanding profession.”

-Knoxville Association of Legal Administrators

“On behalf of the employees of the City of Independence, Missouri, I would like to let you know how much your presentation was enjoyed and appreciated. Our employees gave you the absolutely highest ratings ever given a speaker.”

-HR Director, City of Independence, Missouri

“Cal, in his down home style, was able to quickly connect with my management team and bring me to the understanding that none of them were qualified to lead anyone to the water fountain, much less lead their department!

CEO, Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc