Keynote Addresses

"When You Make It To The Top, You Are Only Half Way There"
In this just-in-time economy, all organizations have a new threat: instant, astounding success. Here is a keynote address for a group who has skyrocketed into wealth and prestige and wonders what is next. Dr. LeMon will serve up laugh-laced portions of business strategy to move past "success" to "greatness."


"How to Overhaul A Jet Engine ... At 33,000 Feet"
When the whining refrain, "How am I supposed to do one more thing with everything you are expecting me to do?", drones on and on, it is time to challenge a work group with the possibility of the impossible. Leading the listener through a business arcade of astounding successes, Dr. LeMon will illustrate how an organization can make significant changes and, at the same time, not reduce the bottomline.


"Get A Life - Change A Name"
This is a highly inspirational address especially for people who are in a job which requires them to be the "giver." Using the theatrical model of Don Quixote, Dr. LeMon weaves a stirring tale of how to realize self-fulfillment by filling up someone else.



"Killing The Secret To Keep The Dream Alive"
The secret is "control." Buried deep in the neurons of all leaders is the unspoken belief that to be responsible for a group of people means controlling them; controlling their actions, thoughts conflicts and creativity. The dream is walk into a work environment and watch the staff take total responsibility for their own actions and the organization. Killing that secret is the beginning of organizational life.


"How To Find The Top After You Have Hit Bottom"
This address is for organizations and people who have failed. Dr. LeMon will extol the value of falling on your face as the price of success. Failure, the audience will learn, is never a destination; it is a passage. The end result of sitting in this keynote address will be an embrace of the future without the fear of failure.


"Kiss and Sell"
This keynote address is for an audience who have to continuously market a product(s) and get tired: tired of the buyer's resistance, the competition's taunting or the boss' hallucinatory quotas. When salespeople need a motivation lobotomy, it is time to kiss and sell.


"In The Morning, Always Put On Clean Underwear"
As children we were taught there are rules to life, which are always true. Dr. LeMon, in this address, reviews the rules for doing business and how they have all changed. With his vivid imagination and creativity, Cal gets the audience to laugh at the stupid rules in the workplace and then suggests some new ones which may not be timeless but will work.


"You Can Have It All"
This is a unique, team-presentation by Drs. Cal and Kathy LeMon. Kathy is a clinical psychologist who often works with Cal in making presentations to working couples. This keynote provides both the framework and motivation for two people to be as much of a success at home as in the workplace.


"Giving God The Business"
Spirituality and success have always been intertwined. Dr. LeMon, with his academic training in theology, leads the audience to a new understanding of bringing one's spirituality to work when deciding corporate values, responses to diversity issues, compensation levels, customer service obligations and a host of other business practices.


"Save Your Fork"
When most of us heard "save your fork," the best part of the meal was about to make its appearance... dessert. What is the "dessert," the payoff, after we downed the gruel dished out at work or home? This keynote is an upbeat challenge to prepare and then enjoy our own personalized rewards (dessert).