The Anatomically Correct Organization

Our president, Cal, and Dale McCoy, an organization development consultant (see "Faculty" on our web site) have created an easy-to-use template to figure out if your organization has all the right "parts" and whether those parts are in the right places.

If you have required your staff to learn quality circles, empowered teams, continuous process improvement, participative management, re-engineering, downsizing, doing more with less, grids, matrices, personality stereotyping and they still do not "get it," then you may need a new cure for organizational disease.

Specifically, when you call us and say, "Hey, in spite of our best efforts, morale is sucking for air, we keep making the same mistakes, communication is non-existent and we spend more time fighting with each other than getting the product out-the-door," here is what we do:




  1. We spend time in your workplace to ask the right questions and then just listen. After the listening, we build a customized assessment tool that we place on a secure, on-line location for everyone in the organization to give us honest answers with guaranteed anonymity.
  2. The data from the assessment process is tabulated, categorized and interpreted. We provide a face-to-face analysis of the "reality" in the workplace (what is and is not working).
  3. We, finally, make specific recommendations on how to realign both people and systems so your organization can be healthy.

Both Cal and Dale have combined 35 years of experience providing organizational consulting services. If you would like to personally talk with us or receive a brochure explaining how The Anatomically Correct Organization® can bring health your organization, please click next to the icon below.