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Dr. LeMon will be making a keynote address focused on strategic thinking skills for the International Association of Administrative Professionals. He recently was interviewed by Dr. Susan Fenner at IAAP about the content of the upcoming keynote address. If you would like to hear a podcast of that interview, click HERE.

When Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual and Merrill Lynch all suddenly exit the historic stage they once dominated, chaos cannot be far behind. In this economic landscape when the “haves” become the “have nots” in nanoseconds, any organization will need to just think differently in order to survive and thrive.

Dr. LeMon has crafted a new learning experience, “Strategic Thinking Skills for a Chaotic Future.” Below are the skill sets presented in this workshop:

  1. How to adjust an organizational mindset from “change” to “chaos”
  2. How to identify the historic “systems” which are worshipped in an organization
  3. How to identify the unproductive and unprofitable systems which are actively being rewarded by the “homesteaders” in the workplace
  4. How to confront the “stakeholders” with new rewards for changing paradigms
  5. How to use “leverage” to change or eliminate unproductive systems
  6. How to conduct a “beta test” on new systems before committing people and money
  7. How to make strategic thinking an essential entrance requirement for new staff
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