Executive Coaching


The Executive Coaching Program is a unique methodology for any senior management professional who wants to accelerate his/her career and personal development. The heart of the program is a weekly coaching session (in person and/or telephone) with Dr. LeMon using a mutually agreed upon set of career goals and/or leadership competencies for accountability. Therefore, the results of this program will be defined by the participant and then reinforced by Dr. LeMon.


Stage One

The participant will submit to Dr. LeMon a three-page biography including family, education and career histories. Following the biography will be a set of career goals the participant wants to partially or completely achieve in the next 90 days. This document will become the touchstone of the coaching process.

Stage Two

The participant will coordinate schedules with Dr. LeMon for weekly coaching sessions. These meetings will normally last 45 minutes to one hour. If the participant lives in the Springfield, Missouri geographic area, the meetings will take place at the offices of Executive Enrichment, 1448 E. Bradford Parkway. When the participant lives outside of Springfield, the coaching sessions will be conducted via the telephone at a mutually agreeable time.

The coaching sessions will include review of specific career goals and related personal agenda, reporting on progress or barriers to accomplishing the goals, professional insight and training by Dr. LeMon, joint problem-solving, clarification of personal and joint expectations and celebrations for completed tasks.

Dr. LeMon is always available during the 90 day duration of this program for episodic telephone and e-mail coaching sessions to address an immediate career challenge (important meeting, presentation, organizational emergency, etc).

Stage Three

The participant will be asked to send weekly e-mail summaries to Dr. LeMon communicating what he/she is learning through the coaching sessions, assignments and personal insight. These summaries will be woven into future conversations with Dr. LeMon.

Stage Four

Dr. LeMon will provide the participant with an Executive Summary citing his evaluation of the participant’s engagement, accomplishments and future career challenges.